Increase Alert Data Retention to Match a plan's official "Data Retention"


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Alert history is currently limited to only 30 days of data. This severely handicaps identification of false positives/negatives, the understanding of alert history and its implications across the organization, and severely limits the value of reports.

Please increase alert and event retention to match the "Data Retention" length explicitly stated on LogicMonitor's official pricing page for a given plan.

Thank you!

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  • LogicMonitor Staff

The data retention portion of this support page is in relation to device data, and does need to be updated based on varying package terms.

Alert history availability varies per package, anywhere from 30 days to 2 years.  This is noted in the documentation, but we will make it more prominent.  If your alert history is not displaying according to your service agreement, please reach out to a support engineer or your Customer Success Manager. Either can help get this sorted.

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