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thanks ; it seams its not yet available
  " 503 : This LogicModule is currently undergoing security review. It will be available for import only after our engineers have validated the scripted elements. "   

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So I know this is an old thread, and the above community locator isn't really needed now that the EIGRP peers datasource is in the LM repo....  but I thought I'd post here in case someone else hit a similar issue and wanted a fix.

The built-in groovy discovery script was using HEX addresses for the peer addresses in our instances, and it was a pain to decipher them every time one went down.  So I added a hex-to-decimal conversion to the discovery script so that he instance names look like "" instead of "AC:14:00:32"

Here is the updated block of the discovery script

// get all IP addresses of connected peers.
{ line ->

    regex_pattern = "(${peerAddr_OID})" + /.(.*)\s=\s(.*)/;
    regex_match = ~regex_pattern
    line_match = regex_match.matcher(line)
    handle = line_match[0][2]
    val = line_match[0][3]
    //val here may be SNMP data in format of "Hex-STRING: AC 14 00 32" and arrive as AC:14:00:32 instead of an ip address in the instance name
    if (val.contains(":")) {
        tempaddr = val.split(":")
        def newaddr = []
        tempaddr.each { hexint ->
            newaddr.add(Integer.parseInt(hexint, 16))
    val = newaddr.join(".")

Hope it helps someone else

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