Upcoming LogicMonitor IP address changes.

David Medina

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LogicMonitor is continuously working on improving our infrastructure resiliency.  As a step in that direction, LogicMonitor will be changing the IP address your account endpoint resolves to.  As a reminder, your account endpoint is used when accessing your account via a web browser as well as by the LogicMonitor collectors in your account in order to report metrics data back to our data centers.


In normal operations your LogicMonitor account is homed to a single data center /24 IP network address block.  Currently all customer endpoints within their /24 block resolve to a X.X.X.192 address.  The network block for your account will not change, but the specific IP address in this network range will.  Furthermore, the IP address will become dynamic, rotating between a number of addresses within the block.


This change will be transparent, requiring no manual changes on your behalf.  However, if you have IP restrictions on firewall or proxy devices that do not incorporate the entire network block for your data center, collectors may become blocked from reporting data, resulting in collector down notifications and a halt in data collection from that collector.


As a reminder, if you do have IP address restrictions in place, it is best practice to incorporate all LogicMonitor public IP addresses & DNS names into your firewall or proxy in order to accommodate all possible disaster recovery scenarios.


We will start the migration towards the end of November.  You will receive a one week notification beforehand, as well as another notification on the day of the migration.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact customer support via the normal channels.

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