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Best view for holistic application health?

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I'm trying to come up with a good 50,000 foot view of an application.  We were asked to create something like a network diagram, except that the nodes would be components in the application (front end web server, back end server, database, queue, etc).  The data shown doesn't have to be very complex, just a Red/Yellow/Green box, but I would like to be able to drill down from there.  Being very new to LM, I don't know which widgets to use, or where to start.  I tried to use the NOC widgets, but it seemed I would have one widget for each datapoint for each component...I want my front-end webapp to show as one widget (with bars for uptime, connection count, response time, etc)...but it looks like each widget can show only services or devices not a combination.

Does anyone have a tutorial, blog, video on how to do something like this?

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We're working on some new ideas re how to present this data, and easily identify hot spots or overall application health. 

In the meantime, you can use your NOC Widget to represent a combination of items, at any level.  The NOC item will reflect the status that aligns with that item in the device tree.  For example, if you add an entire group, it will display as red if any device in that group has an alert.  Items also don't have to be at the same level, so if you are monitoring an API, a router, and an IIS instance, you could display the status of the API device, the entire router, and the instance.  It does not display a collective status, but gives you a good at a glance view of what is happening.

General configuration details are available here, and you can also use the Chat with Engineer option to talk through your specific needs.  And as I mentioned, we have more in the works - we'd love to hear more from you either here or via the feedback button re your 'ideal.'  

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Ideally, we would need the ability to specify dependencies on each service or device, that would help you draw the logical map as well as show services that are likely impacted by a slowdown of another.  Each item in the map would have some rules as to when the color changes (connection count > 1000, response time > 500 ms, etc).

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