Website Service Overview Report that doesn't tick downtime for SDT

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Our reporting team is being raked over the coals (and dragging me along with them) because they are unable to reliably and easily pull Services availability when Services are ticking downtime when they are in SDT. A similar option to Calculate no data as Available where the "Website Service Overview"report can "Calculate SDT as Available" would be VERY appreciated. :)

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That depends on if we can get the absolute time (in hours:min) Available along with the existing metrics (absolute 'Not Available' & % Available). My request was focused on the "Website Service Overview"report so not sure if what you're working on applies in this area as well.

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Annie, I'd second the option on the widget for this too. Following the same guidelines as the count no data as available. SLA calculations are typically said that percent available is unscheduled downtime. So excluding scheduled downtime would be acceptable. 

It'd be interesting to know what the excluded times were as well, but that's a whole different thing that'd prob be better in a report than a widget. 

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