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Allow customer to add own devices via wizard

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I would like to allow a customer to add his own new devices without asking our support team to do this for him. Customer account has full control on his devicegroup and also rights to manage his own collector.

However, if I try to add a device using the "Add device (wizard)"option we get the following message: "No permission to add device.". But if we use the "Add device (expert)" option we are able to ad an device, but for opbvious reasons I prefer them to use the wizard for this :).

How is controlled if the user is allowed to use the wizard? Which rights should a user be granted to get this working?

Thanks a lot,


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Just in case someone else runs into the same:

The key thing here is that the user needs manage rights on his collector(s) and device group(s). Antohter thing is that he has te select the group where the new device has to be added to. Otherwise the default (root) group is used, and there the user does noet have any permissions...

Thanks to David from LM support who helped me out!


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