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        I’d like to re-initiate this bug report.

The Uptime resetting counters at 497 days  or 469 days (historical)


I just had a similar false alarm telling me that my devices rebooted,  when they did not.

Please have the DEV team review this specific monitor and determine how the system can display 497+ days “uptime”


SEP 11, 2015  |  01:56PM CDT
Original message
________________ wrote:
Support team at logic monitor,

Is it possible to request adjustment to the "Uptime" data source monitor so that it does not alert when the counter resets from 11111111111111111111111111111111 to 00000000000000000000000000000001

The developer was aware enough of the event cause to code explanation in to the system alert: could the alert be altered to not-alert when the counter resets?


- ________________

From: ________________
Sent: Friday, September 11, 2015 2:44 PM
To: Subject: SC# Error: 6348 ________________ is reporting it has only been up for 0.43 minutes

Hello ________________ ,

We have received the following monitoring alert and a ticket #6348 has been created to track your issue. An engineer is assigned and is working to resolve this issue. Thank you.

We are investagating if the VM really did reboot or if this alert is coming up for a different reason:

________________is reporting it has only been up for 0.43 minutes, as of 2015-09-11 14:28:48 EDT.

If this was an unexpected reboot, please investigate the system logs.

NOTE: if ________________has been up for 469 days without a reboot, this alert will trigger due to a counter wrap in the host. In this case, you may disregard this alert. (But the host is probably due for an OS update.)

For any inquiries please contact our NOC at<> or call 1-855-485-8324 (TECH).

NOC Support Engineer



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Hi @Mahlon Greene, the issue of false alerts when the uptime counter wraps has recently been fixed. If you update from the repository you should see an update for "Host Uptime-".

The datapoint "Uptime" in the new version will still be incorrect after the counter wraps, but there is logic in the Complex Datapoints that will prevent an alert on a counter wrap while still alerting on an actual reboot.


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