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Robust Inventory Report Type

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We often get requests from our clients that say "Show me everything you're monitoring for me". I think it makes sense as a new standard report type, although i understand it will be extremely difficult for Logicmonitor to create. 

Nonetheless, Here would be my suggestion for this: 

  • In some ways, organized like the UI
  • For each host, a list of all the datasources that apply
  • Option to include the host properties in a table format. 
  • For each datasource that applies to the host: 
  • Name of Datasource
  • List of instances/instance groups
  • Datapoint List, with Thresholds
  • Somehow show overridden thresholds
  • this is the key, but also the challenge

It may simply be too large of a task with too little support, but by posting it here, i hope that many people share this need, so that we can get it accepted for the roadmap.

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