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Jessie Bryan

Anyone polling with IPv6? Share your experiences


I wanted to find out if any LM Admins have started using IPv6 to monitor your servers/apps/networks.  AFAICT, LM Services are not IPv6 supported at this time, and Collection Reporting to LM Data Center is strictly IPv4.

Just curious if anyone is actively using it, and what experiences you've had.

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Hi, for sure, any 'internal' monitoring, if I may use such term (or between collector to the device), is IPv6 friendly as of now. But that is only within the limit of collector's reachability to devices. When it comes to public-facing monitoring, such as External Service Check, it is yet to be supported (until our SiteMonitors connect to IPv6 backbone, I believe).

For internal Service Check, I did a simple test to see if the v6 address is accepted and truly it is: internal_svc_check_ipv6.thumb.png.b9a84166574d9d33abd35129d34d258c.png


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