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Custom Reports - need help

Bruce Berger


I am trying out the new custom reporting feature introduced in April but I have yet to produce a working report. Has anyone been able to produce a meaningful report and if so, are you willing to share a template? What I'm trying to do is produce a tabular report showing each volume for every device for a Group of Windows Servers. Rows should be Device/Volume, Columns should be Instance, Capacity, FreeSpace.


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  • LogicMonitor Staff

Have you seen our documentation on Custom Reports: http://www.logicmonitor.com/support/reports/custom-reports/

Specifically, we have an example word doc you can start from: http://www.logicmonitor.com/support/reports/custom-reports/custom-report-template-example/

It sounds like you might want to use the instanceTable function, like this:

$[[ def(varName="datasource") ]

$[[ def(varName="group") ]

$[[ instanceTable(columns="Name,DeviceName,datasourceName",dataSourceName=datasource, groupPaths=group) ]


Where datasource and group will display as variables you can set once you upload the Word Template to LogicMonitor.  

Our current suite of macros is primarily designed to display monitored data in graph format.  We will be adding more extensive macros for displaying tabular data in an upcoming release. 

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