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Capture vCenter Versions



I need to be able to report on vCenter versions.  Today that is only captured when SNMP is configured on the vCenter Appliance.  I need another way to populate this for all of the VC's in my environment as many of them are not configured with SNMP just esx.user and .pass.

Anyone out there with a groovy script that would do this?  I'm stuck reading the output using the first link below.  I would like to just read the value from one of the properties on the page and set it as a property on my device.

This page displays the info nicely in xml - https://${host}/mob/?moid=ServiceInstance&doPath=content%2eabout

This one also does too via the API - https://vcenter.fqdn/rest/appliance/system/version

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I figured this out and went a different route.  Here is what I'm using.  Works perfectly on all VC's in our environment, both windows and appliance.


import com.santaba.agent.groovyapi.esx.ESX
import com.vmware.vim25.mo.*

def host = hostProps.get("system.hostname")
def user = hostProps.get("esx.user")
def pass = hostProps.get("esx.pass")
def addr = hostProps.get("esx.url") ?: "https://${host}/sdk"

def svc = new ESX()
svc.open(addr, user, pass, 10 * 1000) // timeout in 10 seconds

def si = svc.getServiceInstance()
def rootFolder = si.getRootFolder()

// Get resource
HostSystem esxHost = new InventoryNavigator(rootFolder).searchManagedEntities("HostSystem").first()

println "auto.vcenter.fullname=${si.aboutInfo.fullName}"
println "auto.vcenter.build=${si.aboutInfo.build}"
println "auto.vcenter.licenseproductname=${si.aboutInfo.licenseProductName}"
println "auto.vcenter.os.type=${si.aboutInfo.osType}"
println "auto.vcenter.product.line=${si.aboutInfo.productLineId}"
println "auto.vcenter.version=${si.aboutInfo.version}"

return 0

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