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List of devices per collector and per site




We have currently four sites A,B,C & D.

Each site has its own collectors (2,8,6,8) all our collectors are auto-balanced per site.

As we are putting in place SNMP Traps I would like to know if it is possible to have the list of devices persite?



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I've had this DS hanging out in my portal for a while and never committed it to the repo nor my github. It's now on my github. Simply add your portal as a device and add the token with the appropriate property names. It'll create instance groups under the applied device, one group per Collector. Devices are created as instances under the Collector group it is assigned to (preferred collector).


I also built this python script to automatically create dynamic resource groups. It creates Collector groups, with groups for each Collector in the group, then dynamically adds the devices.


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The python script that builds the dynamic groups shouldn't have any impact unless you're running it on the collector.  It makes a few GETs to find out what is present already and makes 1 call to create the parent group (if it doesn't already exist), 1 call per collector group to create the collector group groups, and 1 call per collector to create the collector group.  So, if you have 30 collectors across 3 groups, it makes up to 34 API calls.

The DS makes one API call for discovery and one for collection. 

All told, they should both be pretty lightweight.

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