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Logic Monitor backup of Aruba Access Points

Andrew Losty


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While not strictly used to backup configurations, LM Config can do that, while at the same time evaluating the config for various scenarios. This is done through ConfigSources. Like other LogicModules, you can look through the Exchange to see if any other customers have written ConfigSources for the Aruba IAPs. 

If that proves unfruitful, you could think about writing a ConfigSource yourself. This can be done using Groovy, Powershell, or any other scripting language that might be best for the target. In most cases, the ConfigSource makes use of Expect to login to the device via SSH and echo the configuration to stdout. An alternative is to use HTTP to query either the API on the device or the API of the controller to fetch the config (any SDK the manufacturer may have provided may make this easier). Obviously these methods require SSH access to the device or an API endpoint from where the config can be fetched. 

If going the SSH route or fetching the config from the AP's own API, the Aruba IAP will need to be monitored to LogicMonitor. If the APs are ephimeral, you may consider keeping LM up to date using a scripted NetScan, fetching the AP list from a controller or something similar. That's a separate discussion, but something that can be addressed later. Here's an example Expect script that logs into a device and executes a couple of commands. 

If you can fetch the configs from the API of a controller, you'd need to write two scripts: 1) discovery and 2) collection. The discovery script would need to fetch the list of configs to be monitored. This would mostly be the list of APs given that there will be one config for each AP. Then your collect script would need to fetch each config previously discovered. The identifier each config is in a variable called "instanceProps.wildvalue". You'd write your script to fetch a single config. LM would run the script multiple times, changing out the value of "instanceProps.wildvalue" each time it is run. 

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