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Is there a token that refers to a device groups parent or a token that give the full device group path?



 There is a token ##RESOURCEGROUP## that shows just the name of the device group a device is in but is there a way to show that device groups parent?

Or that device groups full path?

I have a device group structure that organizes things by location then by type.


Customer A/Site A/ESXi Hosts
Customer A/Site B/ESXi Hosts

If I use just ##RESOURCEGROUP## then I end up with NOC widgets that group by resource group just showing a whole bunch of 'ESXi Hosts' for the name of each grouping.
I would like to be able to name the grouping with either the parent or if that's not possible, by the full path.

There was a feature request made by Mosh several years ago but I don't have permissions to view it so can't tell what ever happened to it:


Did that ever get any traction?

Pulling my hair out here over these widgets, none of them seem to have consistent behaviour either.... :(

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As far as I know parent tokens are still not available. One workaround is to use dynamic groups. Under each Customer you can create a dynamic group for each site (something like system.staticgroups =~ "^Customer A/SiteB/") then point the widget there.

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