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DataSource polls version of an application from a MySQL DB fine but then results in a table widget show as 'NaN'

Jonathan Hart



I've setup a datasource which queries a MySQL DB to get the version of an application.

The datasource shows the result as follows.


However when putting this in a dashboard widget it shows as 'NaN' like below:



Any help would be appreciated.


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Unfortunately Datapoints must be valid numbers and strings can't be use. The two periods makes it an invalid number. Generally you can store version data as property data (strings allowed) or you can perhaps change the DataSource to crop the version or drop the 2nd period, for example 4.4 or 4.45 .

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Yeah, do this with a propertysource, not a datasource.

If you are stuck on it being a datasource, do like mike suggests and convert it to a number. You can maintain the dots by pushing each number out by an order of magnitude: 4.4.5 -> 4.004005. This has the added benefit of allowing the sub-versions to take up more than one digit.

Are you trying to alert on the version number?

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