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Hi team, Requesting detailed steps to be configured Ansible AWX jobs status in logic monitor - if AWX job is pending , then it should be notified via email chaneel. kindly help us.



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I built a couple datasources around this, but never got them to a really ready state so I never published them in the exchange. Take a look at this. If you like it, i can publish it into the exchange so you can grab it from there. It pulls back a success counter and a failure counter. One thing this would need in order to be really good is to actually create an instance for each job. Right now it just tracks the total number of successful vs. failed jobs.  I spent maybe 20 minutes on this, so it really hasn't had much work on it.

If you're interested, i can put it in my dev backlog so that next time i have some available cycles i can look at beefing it up.

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