External tool - CLEAR events not being sent when disabling instance/deleting resources

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We've been noticing sometimes when deleting a resource (that has open alarms - previously sent to our SNOW ITOM via integration), CLEAR event(s) - for the respective alarms aren't sent.
The same happens with instances that we disable for example.

This behavior often leads to stuff filtered on LM but, alarms still open on SNOW. We've started to disable alarming first & only then delete/filter. However, it would be nice if LM had some kind of mechanism that would detect present alarms for the resource/instance in question & send a CLEAR event automatically upon deletion of those.

I believe this would avoid the end-user missing the 'disable alarming' step prior to the deletion & ease our job a lot (since we're in a constant filter/removal of stuff).


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OH ya this problem does exist.

Would be great if there was an option that allowed auto-resolve in SNOW on instance/resource deletion (maybe on the group level using a property?)

Currently we handle the orphaned tickets by running a daily script that resolves the ticket, when there are tickets that are open in SNOW on instances/resources that dont exist in LM.

As we are a large MSP, this happens in the hundreds daily


However if this solution is added it would be one less script running that does bulk admin cleanup. As much as that script helps, it leaves a path for messups,.

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