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Wael Altaqi

select * from Win32_Product


if i issue "!wmi h= select * from Win32_Product", collector debugger comes back with "Empty Value Set". Can someone elaborate on why? Win32_Product is very widely used to collect installed applications on a windows host.

This same query returns results from wbemtest.exe

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Hey there, what collector version are you running? I'm not seeing the same issue .

you point out the command:

!wmi h= select * from Win32_Product

Are you putting in your h={hostname} ?? 

>>!wmi h=servername.domain.local select * from Win32_Product
    DESCRIPTION=>LogicMonitor Collector
    HELPTELEPHONE=>1-888-41LOGIC (888-415-6442)
    NAME=>LogicMonitor Collector
    CAPTION=>LogicMonitor Collector
    PACKAGENAME=>LogicMonitor Collector.msi


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As Tom pointed out you need to add the hostname, but if you already doing this then the help page http://www.logicmonitor.com/support/monitoring/os-virtualization/troubleshooting-wmi/ has a section on repairing wmi counters. 

"You may be experiencing unexplained errors such as "Empty result set", ox80041003, 0x80041017 from the collector debug, WBEMTEST utility, or your custom application."

There are steps to repair your counters in that help page, I have found this cures the empty results set problem in all cases I have seen.

Microsoft state that this  may happen when "... certain extensible counters corrupt the registry, or if some Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI)-based programs modify the registry", but the exact nature of these issues is largely unknown and normally not worth troubleshooting extensively.

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Hi Wael

Just wanted to add that win32_product should not be used for monitoring. Invoking this class will cause windows to do an integrity check on all installed MSI's, making it very slow (check the application log after you invoke this class to see). Also win32_product will only return applications installed using MSI.


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