Is there a possibility of adding custom props. to Instance Groups in the future?

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We've several instance groups within the same DS (Ping, URL, etc...).
Some of those profiles need to have common properties (per instance group) due to the integration we've with our ticketing system for example.

It would be GREAT if we could add properties at the Instance Group level (that way those would be inherited by the instances & we don't need to be mapping those individually per instance).
I tried that & didn't found that possibility... correct me if I'm being noob :(

Thank you!

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Unfortunately, they will need to make instance groups into actual groups first, which I have requested many times.  As it stands they are basically limited tags where you can only have a single tag for any instance and then you can apply thresholds to the tag, but those don't apply to new items tagged the same way.  This is why they throw up the warning about how new instances won't get thresholds automatically.  We've had to workaround that with API scripts to refresh those instance group tags and thresholds when new volumes are added to servers (as just one example). I assume if they ever are made into actual groups, properties would be part of that.

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