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I have spent some time trying to work this out but need. My environment consists of about 30 vCenter Servers (including their hypervisors). I am trying to create a dynamic group with a custom query that finds all those hypervisors with a certain property. In this instance, I am looking for specific versions of ESXi so have got the following custom query:
It picks up the ESXi hosts that are at version 6.5.0 but it also picks up ESXi hosts on other versions. Please can someone help point out where I am going wrong?

I will also look to expand it to include 6.7.0 and 7.0.0 first things first.

Thanks for any assistance.



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It sounds like you are expecting a function to be able to take arguments, because "function".  I did as well many years ago when I wanted to create a single isClient function with the client name as an argument, but found after a very painful support ticket that they absolutely are not functions, just macros.

You would need to write a separate version for each check.  In this case, you would have to add a new function like this and a new one for each version:

system.virtualization=~"VMware" && auto.version_number =~"6\\.5\\.0*"


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2 minutes ago, Stuart Weenig said:

AppliesTo Functions is a misnomer. They should be AppliesTo Aliases.

Yeah, brings back horrible memories of me requesting repeatedly the documentation on how to pass parameters and getting the most insane response from support :).

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