select pre-canned dashboard tokens via menu

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@Sarah Terry Just watched your Level Up presentation on dashboard tokens, which I am familiar with. The idea presented to change tokens on the fly to change the view is nice, but requiring dashboard editing makes it inaccessible to regular users. A fix for that would be to add a token settings dropdown to allow regular users to adjust tokens from a list of pre-canned values that admins can manage. This would also avoid changing the underlying tokens in a persistent manner, enabling context changes for anyone using the dashboard.

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@mnagel As a temporary workaround, take a look at my post about dynamic dashboards. It's essentially a widget that allows choosing & changing tokens on-the-fly from a drop-down directly on the dashboard. The current version of my widget is entirely dynamic - meaning it queries groups, resources, & instances to populate the menus based on how you configure it - but my original version was based on static options similar to what I think you're asking about. Let me know if that'd of interest and I'll be happy to help.

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