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Complex datapoint which sums all instances


I am trying to get the total current draw across 3 phases for my PDU's. I have each phase but the threshold is the sum of all 3 phases.

Is there a way to create a complex datapoint to show the total PDU current across all phases? Every example seems to operate per instance.


Phase1: 20A
Phase2: 15A
Phase3: 2A

Total: 37A

Threshold: > 32A (80%)

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Yeah, if you have a single datasource monitoring them, with DataPoints for each, then just add them up like @Vitor Santos mentions.

If you have a multi-instance DataSource, you'd need to either create a separate single-instance DataSource or use Service Insight to alert on the aggregate across select instances. If you just want the data (and alerting is not as important), you can do this with dashboard widgets, having them sum the data across instances.

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