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Monitoring an IPSec tunnel in LM?


Good morning everyone. I've been searching for ways to monitor an IPSec tunnel in LM, but so far I've been unable to find any articles on how to do this. We have a Meraki security device. The Meraki out-of-the-box LM modules do not come with a way to monitor S2S. It would greatly help out our IT team if we could receive a notification on whether or not one of our tunnels is misbehaving in LM. 

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First question is whether or not you've found something in the Exchange that fits the bill. Someone may have already built and published something.

Second question is, "How would you do this manually today?" If the data exists today, how do you get at it? Is there a web UI? If so, is there a corresponding API endpoint? Is the device hosting that API already added to LogicMonitor? Can you think of a process to repeatedly obtain that data every few minutes? If so, the only thing that would remain would be to script it out in Groovy (or your language of choice) and add it as a scripted DataSource.

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