2020-10-07 - LogicMonitor Basics Webinar

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New to LogicMonitor? This webinar is designed to help new users get their bearings and become familiar with LogicMonitor and its UI, terminology, and basic workflows. Our training team will offer Q&A and help set you up for success with LogicMonitor!

Register here.

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Link to feedback survey: 


Q&A Transcript:

Comment: You can also use the api to add devices.

Answer: Good point, thanks for mentioning! Virtually anything that can be done in the UI can be done using the API, which allows for greater automation.

Q: How many customers does LM have?

A: Many! I don’t have the number in hand, but we’ll try to get one by the end of the session. In the meantime, here is a page which features some of our customer success stories https://www.logicmonitor.com/resources/?categories=success-story&tags=success-story. 

Follow up answer: Over 2000, but that doesn’t count customers serviced by MSPs that resell it as part of their offering.

Q: What is the best metric to look at to determine if a collector is undersized?

A: An important metric to keep an eye on is the UnavailableScheduleTaskRate datapoint in the Collector Data Collecting Tasks Datasource. If this metric is consistently greater than zero your Collector may be having trouble keeping up with the collection tasks assigned to it.

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  • Stuart Weenig changed the title to 2020-10-07 - LogicMonitor Basics Webinar

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