ArubaOS-CX ConfigSource needed

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I hoped since ArubaOS-CX is similar to HPE Procurve, I could just use the existing ConfigSource, but it times out in discovery.  I am generally willing to jump in and code solutions, but the current from-scratch monolithic coding methodology used for ConfigSources makes it effectively impossible for regular folks to do, so.... please add a new ArubaOS-CX module or extend HPE Procurve to support that flavor.  I have a pair of 8320's not yet in production I am able to get developers into.

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29 minutes ago, Stuart Weenig said:

I think someone got carried away building that module and forgot SOLID (particularly SRP):


I long ago despaired of ever doing anything with LMConfig modules since without OOP and library support, each is provided as a 1000+ line blob.  I assume in the backend, developers have a portal-like harness to work in that does not involve editing in the UI as we must.  If I ever did try to fix anything, the changes would be wiped on the next update (I have and they are). Exchange makes it a bit more palatable, but with that much code, the safe import process could still be pretty painful.  I am much more used to the idea of core overridable features in a library with a profile for each device type (e.g., Oxidized) or like our own getconfig script I wrote long ago where I only had to override 3-4 methods for new device types (how to login, what the prompt looks like, how to disable paging, etc.).  I would reference even RANCID, but would not like to see that method used in LM :).  Still, RANCID pulls much more useful details for devices -- adding more detail here means editing the blob.

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