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Evening all,

Has anyone got Tegile monitoring working?

I've 2 controllers added in as devices into LM, SNMP string correctly configured, Collectors IP address added into the Tegile SNMP Trap list etc.

When looking at raw data i get NO DATA, other then random times ill get a response back with data.
When doing a Poll No, it says its time out, other then the odd occasion where it passes once, then fails again.

Is this how things should be for a tegile? Or should it work like other SNMP devices where i get a response back every single time?

Thank you :)

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On 9/23/2020 at 6:42 PM, Jeffrey.Young said:

Hey Aaron.  We have about 50 Tegile arrays in our system and we are gathering SNMP information off of them.  Dumb question - but is SNMP enabled on the Tegile side?  Also check your SNMP community string....the Tegile can't have special characters.

Hey Jeffrey!

I took all special characters out and just using lower/uppercase now. 
We've also added in the collector IP address into the Trap list.


Tegile support came back to me and said they have a known issue for SNMP monitoring but no clear answer as to if its getting fixed 


Basically when looking at RAW DATA.. i get NO DATA constantly with one random reply back with info then back to NO DATA

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3 hours ago, Stuart Weenig said:

FWIW: adding the collector IP to the trap list has no impact on polling. All that does is configure the device to send traps to LM. However, if LM doesn't have an EventSource configured to do anything with those traps, they're getting discarded.


Just confirmed we do indeed have the EventSource configured and mapping through too the tegile devices in question. That would add up with the random one off bits of data we're seeing them i'd assume.

I've even changed the SNMP String to the work public and tried the customers name just to give it a simple string but the end result is the same.

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I've created a suite for Tegile API monitoring a few weeks ago.
One of the DS captures the events for the Tegile Event table (using the API), maybe that's useful to you since you don't need to configure any event source, traps, etc...

I've been trying to publish those in the exchange but, for some reason my page always stays stuck at the loading phase (I've already tried in diff. browsers but, it doesn't work).
Use those at your own risk (in case they're helpful to you) since those weren't approved by LM 'officially'.

In order to use them you just need to map the props 'tegile.user' & 'tegile.pass' (make sure the user in question has API rights)

Also, I've disabled all the SNMP Tegile DS (since these make pretty much the same thing via API), just to don't have duplicate stuff in monitoring.

Link Here


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