16 SEP 2020 - LogicMonitor Basics Office Hours

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Here's the feedback survey link for today's office hours webinar. Please show your support by filling it out (it's short).


Other artifacts coming shortly...

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Q: How to disable logon to ESXi as root, but leave other polling enabled? I don't want it logon to ESXi at all. 
A: 4:40
OP: Thanks! I give it a shot. Trying to get rid of this...Remote access for ESXi local user account 'root' has been locked for 900 seconds after 65534 failed login attempts.

Q: Does LM offer monitoring for O365 Metric and provide a dashboard for daily reporting?  Also, is there a way to monitoring incoming and sending emails using a metric for a dashboard as well?
A: 11:14

Q: Are dashboards unable to utilize instance properties?
A: 13:16

Q: How do aggregate datasources work? I meant in datasources Collector = Aggregate data; add datasource, collector dropdown, aggregate data
A: 15:21

Q: Can you go through the different sorts of datasources?
A: 18:58
Comment: Like what? You can query using a number of protocols (e.g. WMI, SNMP, Perfmon, etc.) but you can also run a Groovy or PowerShell script.
OP: yup collection method of datasources, theres some of the obvious ones like Script, DNS, SNMP are alright but how does Internal work, webpage, datapump etc
OP: whats different between of batchscript method and script, adv/disadv
Comment: Groovy scripts only allow a subset of Groovy commands though.

Q: I am a CSP, can I use LM Cloud to monitor billing for other clients? The setup of lm cloud asks for offer ID and i can't find that on any azure client that has us listed as their CSP; Azure Billing Monitoring; CSP clients do not have an offer ID. CSP clients do not have an offer ID because CSP handles billing. It's in a screenshot in the steps under Getting Started: https://www.logicmonitor.com/support/lm-cloud/microsoft-azure/azure-billing-monitoring
A: 27:55

Q: How to exclude 1 group from many on a table dashboard, instead of adding several groups to exclude 1?
A: 33:41

Q: can we generate a tabular dashboard that shows bandwidth utilization and filter based on business hours? e.g. two columns in a table (avg. util, max. util) and just show data from 9am to 6pm?
A: 38:05
OP: thank you for answering and showing the avg. max. min.

Q: If I used Exchange to install a new datasource, is it a bad idea to return to the "legacy" add from repository method to update it?
A: 41:30

Q: What application do you use to transcribe the recording?
A: 50:47
OP: Sounds time consuming.

Q: Have you heard any recent updates about collector support on Windows Server 19 ?
A: 53:53
Comment: Personally, I'd prefer support for PowerShell 7 before support for Server 2019.
Comment: We are running a few collectors on 2019 and haven't had any issues.
Comment: Docs page encourages not to use it....
Comment: yet
Comment: yup....server admins are pushing to get rid of our 2012s    live answered
Comment: 2016 possible...they want to skip ahead and get to 2019
Comment: We have had a few collectors running on 2019 for few months without any issues so far. we have a pretty large environment using a lot of custom wmi and out the box datasources

Q: With docker container collector, WMI is supported?
A: 56:17

Q: How would you monitor a Cisco 4g add on card for a router to alarm when it is being used? It shows as port ‘cellular0/2/0’ and doesn’t have a MAC address so isn’t found in the interfaces.
A: 1:05:07
OP: Thanks, Stuart.  I am trying to use SNMP first, as most clients won’t let me get their SSH

Links shared through the chat:

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