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I've been playing around with topology mapping with some success.  However, the icons displayed after the map is built are the standard IP and instance icons.  I've modified my custom ERI propertysources to try to get them to display something other than these two icons, but the icons never seem to change.  According to the LM documentation regarding these icons, I should be able to choose anything from the list: Topology-Vertex-Type-Icons.png


Has anyone successfully been able to get the map to reflect the icons above?  For example, "predef.externalResourceType=AWS EC2" does not appear to do anything.  Nor does "LoadBalanceCollector" or "Load Balance Collector", etc.  I suspect there is a specific value associated with each of the icons and the value is case-sensitive.  However, out of all of the values listed in the image, none have worked for me.

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I'm looking for the list that translates, but it's not as simple as setting a property called predef.externalResourceType to that value. If you do that in a property source, you'll just create a property called auto.predef.externalResourceType, which as you've seen doesn't do anything. The output of the propertysource (actually a propertysource of type erisource), should look something like this (you may already be doing this, just covering bases):


Like I said, i'm asking around for what values of "type" correspond to the icons in the image.

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Hi @Stuart Weenig!

Thanks so much for taking the time to look into this.  I did discover some issues with my output and it's now properly formatted.  But, unfortunately, it's still not changing the appearance of the icons.  I suspect perhaps this is related to the combination of category and type.

For example - the in order for the AWS EC2 icon to appear on an EC2 instance, the output would need to look something like this:

{"rawERIs":[{"category":"cloud.aws","priority":2,"type":"AWS EC2","value":"i-a1b2c3d4e5f6g7"}]}

Of course, this is only a theory.  I have yet to find any documentation around categories and how they come into play - but it's very likely that I'm not fully grasping how topologysources work.

In any case, I have gotten a number of maps to correctly display - It's just that the icons are very similar which makes it less obvious what type of devices/instances we're looking at.

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