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Mark DeLong

Alert Message Manipulation


So we have an SNMP OID for Cisco ASA's for failover that returns status numbers between 1 and 10. I would like my alert message to reflect the status codes description rather than number. Here is a list of the numbers and there descriptive names:











So when the alert is sent (on any change) we want the message to say something like: "The primary ASA firewall has changed failover status to ##VALUE##". But instead of the value being the number returned like "10" we want it to say "STANDBY" or the description of the value above.

I made a groovy script that would take the snmp values and change them to the words returned. But I'm not sure the alert (based on delta|>0) will do anything with the text as it is non-numerical.

Also, I wouldn't be surprised if there was much better way to do this.

Any ideas? Obviously, we can include a legend/key in the alert message to explain the codes but we would rather not do this unless we have to.

Thanks for you help!


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