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You can view the May 27th recording here: 



We'd love your feedback, so please take a moment to respond to our survey:

We'll be having another Live Training Webinar in two weeks (and if you've watched the video, you might be able to guess the topic). Register here.


All of the questions were answered in the video, so please watch the recording. The questions are listed here in the same order asked for search-ability:

  • I want to know about the Datasources configuration. How to do it.
  • I want to know about the integration between the alerts and auto-ticketing
  • hi Stuart, is there any report available OOB similar to a heatmap in CAPC?
  • Also, what's the best way to get an Availability/Reachability SLA report for multiple remote locations?
  • Hi Stuart!! We have had Collector load (overload!) issues off-and-on for quite a while. The biggest challenge is usually about how to track down which DataSource (or family of DataSources) is impacting a set of Collectors. Do you have any tips / tricks on how to drill down from a Collector overload condition to find out what exactly is generating the overload?
  • is it possible to group interfaces from different devices? For instance, if we have 100 remote locations with 2 internet circuits each, can we group those 200 internet circuits into a single group so we can easily identify the port where circuit is terminating instead of navigating to different location and then trying to find where the circuit interface is?
  • how can i protect my system from blowing up after upgrading datasources?  i have some exclusions and "tweaks" to some of them.  for example, i exclude the vmware host level vm disk space check because vcenter also does it.  when i upgrade datasources, it adds back the defaults which causes be to get hundreds of alerts that were excluded previously
  • a confusion/question related to netflow - as opposed to NFA, in LogicMonitor, netflow is shown at device level instead of interface level. So if we have flow export configured on multiple interfaces from a single device, would that show aggregate of all interfaces?
  • this might show how effective ABCG is? or at least give one visualization showing how ABCG might be moving devices (and their instances) around?
  • One feedback; alternatively a question.  The SDT panel is somewhat cumbersome, if you have a number of alerts to SDT.  Lots of clicks and confirms.  Ideally, a couple hot buttons, like "Put in downtime for: 5 min, 30 min, 2 hours, 2 days", etc.  The fewer clicks, the better. I provided this because we seem to have a number of services that have numerous alerts, all of which tend to fire when the service/server I down (multi-tenant apps, etc.).  Ever since the Nagios days I've wanted cascading alerts.  For example, if a database is down, I KNOW that every single app on a host, or even several, will be down.  I don't need all 30 apps to complain if the database is out, so it peeves me to have to SDT 30 apps.  Is it possible to link alerts in a hierarchy or dependency chain so that only one alert goes out for significant outages?  Another example, if the power in the data center goes out (or a battery back catches fire - it HAPPENED!), all the servers don't need to report."
  • Safe Logic Module Merge.  Best thing since Sierra Nevada Summerfest Lager.
  • Hi Stuart, there are various devices in the environment, mostly routers and switches with parent-child relationship. Can LogicMonitor read the dependency like parent-child relationship in the devices so that number of alerts can be suppressed?
  • Also, can it read the topology mapping from the network itself? or we still need a Discovery tool?
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Here's the link to the DataSources for collector counts. I don't like how difficult it is to make the dashboard work, so i'll be revising them. It's possible these metrics are already available in the portal metrics package, so i have to take a close look at that to see if the stats are available there.  Also, there's no documentation, so there's that too.

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