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Cevin Doppmann

Can LogicMonitor do application level LDAP monitoring?


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hi.. question

can your software monitor LDAP servers ?

openldap specifically

not at the os or machine level.. but at the application level

monitrong things like locks and stuff

shared memory usage

much like you would monitor a database

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We dont monitor OpenLDAP natively at this time, though, as with most any sort of monitoring issue, our system can be extended by the use of an external script to do (see the help page on the script collector for more information).n

nOpenLDAP monitoring involves exposing the monitoring statistics on the server:n


nIf a simple script is written that exposes the relevant metrics in key/value pairs we can easily start monitoring and plotting the output. Such a script would output in a format such as:n

nAbandonCompleted : 43727n

nAbandonInitiated : 43727n

nAddCompleted : 0n

nAddInitiated : 0n

nBindCompleted : 55412296n

nBindInitiated : 55412296n

nBytes : -1n

nCompareCompleted : 0n

nCompareInitiated : 0n

nDeleteCompleted : 0n

nDeleteInitiated : 0n

nEntries : 55091425n

nExtendedCompleted : 80711n

nExtendedInitiated : 80711n

nModifyCompleted : 0n

nModifyInitiated : 0n

nModrdnCompleted : 0n

nModrdnInitiated : 0n

nOperationCompleted : 198415249n

nOperationInitiated : 198415250n

nPDU : 198512590n

nReadWaiters : 225n

nReferrals : 0n

nSearchCompleted : 87929375n

nSearchInitiated : 87929376n

nUnbindCompleted : 54949140n

nUnbindInitiated : 54949140n

nWriteWaiters : 0

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