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FTP check with Groovy script


I am trying to use groovy to verify the connectivity of an FTP server following the FAQ (http://help.logicmonitor.com/using/da...)

Here is the exact script used:

import com.santaba.agent.groovyapi.expect.Expect

cli = Expect.open(\'\'x.x.x.x\'\', 21, 5)

cli.expect(\'\'220 \'\')

cli.send( \'\'user anonymous

\'\' )

cli.expect(\'\'331 \'\')

cli.send(\'\'pass meme


cli.expect( \'\'230 \'\')

cli.send( \'\'quit

\'\' )

Unfortunately, the groovy debugger wither comes back with a timeout, or the following:

>> !groovy

End of stream reached, no match found

My FTP server, in turn, see the connection coming from the agent, but never receives the \'\'USER anonymous\'\' command.

Any Help welcome

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  • LogicMonitor Staff

In the coming release, in a week or two, there will be direct access to all properties of a host.n

nRight now you can use HOSTNAME and WILDVALUE (quoted) in scripts.n

nYou can also pass in any property as a parameter to your groovy script, and then access positionally:n


nhost = this.args[0]n

nso youd use HOSTNAME as the parameters to your script in the datasource screen.n

nThere is currently a risk that WILDVALUE, when substituted, could break the script syntax (if the WILDVALUE object contains a quote, say). That risk will go away in the coming release.

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