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Dashboard widget to display event/task status

Shannon Hansen


In trying to develop different dashboard views for clients, I\'d like to include a widget similar to the NOC widget in the fact that it would display a status for a particular event or task like displaying a green dot for good, yellow for some other condition, red for fail, etc.

Example, a client could login to the dashboard and quickly see that the backup that ran overnight was successful (based on an event captured from the Windows event log or other means), their database maintenance plan was successful, etc. etc.

Something that they could look at and in 5 seconds know the status of all of their critical tasks and processes.

I went through all of the available widgets and didn\'t see one that fit the bill.

Can this be done or should I post this in the Ideas section?


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  • LogicMonitor Staff

So sounds like you want to use LogicMonitors Batch job monitoring - which can alert when a job fails to start, exits with an abnormal code, fails to exit, fails to exit in an expected time, etc.n

nIt would still be reporting failures via the NOC or alert widget - but it would trigger alerts if it doesnt get positive confirmation of the jobs completing.n

nThat do what you want?

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  • LogicMonitor Staff

It seem the NOC widget does exactly this, no?n

nIf you set up windows event log monitoring, or syslog monitoring, or other event monitoring, then if bad events happen, they trigger alerts. Those alerts show in the alert widget, and the status is also shown in the NOC widget as green (if no alerts), yellow/orange/red for different severity.n

nThe only thing that may need tuning is the event alert duration time. By default, events only activate alerts for 60 minutes. This is the time they are visible in the UI, and are escalated by the alerting system through different stages. You could change this to 15 hours or something, to ensure that any events that occur overnight are still visible in your portal in the morning.

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