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Antony Hawkins

Is it possible to "acknowledge then ignore" an alert?



A customer has asked whether this is possible. In his install he has a multiport switch being monitored; when one port was disconnected (intentionally) LM alerted, as expected. Once the alert has been acknowledged the instance turns blue in LM.

However, the port is not about to be used again any time soon and the customer would like to clear the alert completely (i.e. removed, not simply acknowledged).

While it is possible to disable monitoring and alerting on the port, or leave it in an acknowledged state, the customer has asked if it is possible to set an acknowledgement along the lines of, "Ignore this condition indefinitely; only alert again if the port is connected and then disconnected", thus clearing the alert status *but* in a way that doesn't require the instance to be manually disabled/enabled if the instance is brought back into service in a few months time, for example.

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Only interfaces with a status of active are discovered for monitoring - but they are not removed when they go inactive, so they keep alerting.

In this case, as the disconnected port is not active, just delete the interface instance in logicmonitor. That will remove the alert.

If the port ever gets connected to something again, it will be re-discovered, and monitoring will resume.

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