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No Consolidation in Graphing

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The consolidation function only comes into play when looking at longer time periods.n

nIf looking at a graph of 5 hours or less, then even if the data is collected every minute, no consolidation is used - all the individual datapoints are plotted. n

nSo set your time scale for the graph in question to 1, 2 or 5 hours, and you get raw data.

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  • LogicMonitor Staff

Ah - thats a different issue. Its not data consolidation, its that the data collection time is not aligning with the graph display time. (i.e. the data is being collected at 30 after the hour, say, but the points are being plotted on the hour - so the graph is interpolating to try to determine a sensible graph for the time it is being plotted.).n

nNot sure why the graph plotting time cant align with the collection time for these long period collection datasources - but the ability to collect over long periods is new, so I havent met this particular issue before. Ill check with development, and open a bug.

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