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Netscaler, monitoring, checking dependecies.


I have a question regarding Netscaler.

In our LBVS\'s we create one LBVS for HTTP, which we redirect to another LBVS for HTTPS.

When we do this, we disable the the HTTP version of the LBVS we created.

So when we see a \'\'state down\'\' message we know there is something wrong.

I would like to know if it\'s possible to setup the monitoring like this.

When, State = OUT OF SERVICE, DO NOT check ServicesUP.

It\'s a sort of AND/OR IF/ELSE statement i think, but i can\'t figure it out myself :(

I am sure you guys have the answer :)

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  • LogicMonitor Staff

There is, as the saying goes, more than one way to skin a cat. Or alert on a load balancer.n

nAnother way would be to add a virtual datapoint that returns the Services UP, if the state = up, but returns a static value that will not trigger the threshold if state = out of service.n

nSo youd add a complex datapoint to the datasource, and define it with an expression like:n


nThis means if state = 7 (the service is up), then return the value of ServicesUp (a simple datapoint defined elsewhere in the datasource).n

nElse return the value of 100.n

nSo if the LBVS is not up, it will return 100.n

nThus if you set you thresholds to < 4 2 1n

nyoud get warning if less than 4 associated services were up for a LBVS; error if less than 2, and critical if less than 1. If the LBVS is not up, the value returned would be 100 - which would not trigger the alert.

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  • LogicMonitor Staff

Hi Niels - The way we usually address a situation like this is in to clone the datasource for the Netscaler LBVS and modify the Active Discovery section to include a filter that will only match LBVS in an OUT OF SERVICE state. You could then modify this new datasource to not alert on ServicesUP. n

nOn the original datsource for LBVS, you would then add to the Active Discovery section the same filter as used in the cloned datasource, but making it NOT match LBVS in the OUT OF SERVICE state.n

nWe would be happy to do this for you if you would like, just send in a request to support@logicmonitor.com, or ask away if you need further information on this.

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