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Dell DRAC slot occupancy DataSources

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From a customer request: Two datasources that track slot occupancy in Dell DRAC blade devices.

One lists each slot, one just gives a vacant/occupied count.

Sadly, the OIDs exposed by the device give virtually nothing of use for alerting (e.g., there is no reflection of the health of whatever's in any slot), but the value case here is for capacity planning. These will give you instant insight as to the occupancy or otherwise of your devices across all or any parts of your estate, so you'll be able to see quickly whether you already have space to add those six new blades you've determined that you need, whether you can consolidate into fewer lumps of tin, etc.

Dell_DRAC_SlotOccupancy: FAY4PX (v1.0.0) (Multi-instance, lists details per slot as instance properties, including occupant type, service tag, etc)

Dell_DRAC_SlotOccupancyCounts: RJDT3Z (v1.0.0) (Single-instance, returns counts of total, occupied and vacant slots)

Example dashboard view, highlighting low occupancy:


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