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How do I create a custom alert routing from a discovered graph alert?


How do I create an alert for a specific VM graph?

In the \'\'alerts\'\' section I can see the graph I\'d like to set an alert for, but when I vreate an alert widget the fields don\'t all line up.

Specifically, we\'d like to build an individual alert for each VM running on the host and be able to pass this information on to a specific client.

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  • LogicMonitor Staff

If Im understanding you correctly - you want an alert widget to display on a dashboard that shows alerts just for specific virtual machines.n

nYou could do this by setting the filters on the alert widget, as in the below:n

n https://s3.amazonaws.com/satisfaction-production/s3_images/681139/AlertWidget.PNG' rel="external nofollow">n

nNote that in the alert widget, the specific instance (virtual machine, in this case) is included as part of the datasource field, so you can use a glob or regular expression (or just select a specific VM) to constrain what alerts are shown.n

ne.g. the above will show alerts for virtual machines on all ESX hosts, where the virtual machine name contrains Customera.

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