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SMS Alerts to UK mobiles


Has only one out there managed to get Logicmonitor to send Alerts to UK mobile numbers? As there are are no free SMS gateways in the UK.

For our internal systems we use mediaburst. This company provides various methods to send out SMS messages but our favorite an http POST is not supported, (yet) on Logicmonitor. http://www.mediaburst.co.uk/api/doc/

Any suggetions welcome. Neil

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  • LogicMonitor Staff

Hi Neil - alerting via an HTTP POST is coming within a few weeks.n

nNative alerting via SMS is also coming - about 2 months out for US and Canada - hopefully UK in the same time frame.n

nTo use mediabursts current SMS alerting, you could specify the sms email for an account to number@sms.mediaburst.co.uk, but youd have to change the SMS template to include the password in the subject. (And have to use the same password accross SMS numbers.) (Under Settings..Alert Settings..Other Alert Settings..Default Alert template)

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