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Agent down notification after X minutes


Our other monitoring solutions allow us to specify a time before the agent down notification is triggered. This allows for short outages and delays without creating too much noise. Can this be done with our agents in LogicMonitor? We also need to add more information to the agent down alert, today all you get is the agent ID and we have to lookup which system/customer it is and it would be better to at least include the agent name and possibly the group we link it to if possible.

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  • LogicMonitor Staff

Improving the way agents are monitored and alerted on is already topic on our development roadmap, and I will forward your feedback on to our product group.n

nIn the meantime, the agent down alerts are fairly important alerts; when you see those, it means that no information has come in for the affected hosts for a significant interval. Its possible that nothing (other than the lack of data collection) may be wrong, but at that point, the affected hosts are effectively not under monitoring. The web services monitors on the services tab can be an effective backup, as they can be configured to test your outward facing services from multiple points of presence on the webb.

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