Datasource for API Gateway Resources behind a stage

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I have been using a custom datasource to collect the metrics for each resource and method (excluding OPTIONS) behind a API Gateway stage.  It has been extremely useful in our production environments.  I would share the datasource via the Exchange, but the discovery method I'm using will not be universal, so I think it would be best if that discovery were to work natively.  If possible, could we please have a discovery method for AWS API Gateway Resources by Stage?  

*Something to note - This has the potential to discover quite a few resources and thus, create a substantial number of cloudwatch calls which might hit customer billing.  For this reason, I added a custom property ##APIGW.stages## so that I could plug in the specific stages I wish to monitor instead of having each one automatically discovered.  The Applies To looks like this: == "AWS/APIGateway" && apigw.stages

Autodiscovery is currently written in PowerShell (hence why not everyone can take advantage of it)

$apigwID = '';
$region = ''
$stages = '##APIGW.Stages##';

$resources = Get-AGResourceList -RestApiId $apigwID -region $region

$stages.split(' ') | %{
    $stage = $_
    $resources | %{
        if($_.ResourceMethods) {
            $path = $_.Path
            $_.ResourceMethods.Keys | where{$_ -notmatch 'OPTIONS'} | %{
                $wildvalue = "Stage=$stage>Resource=$Path>Method=$_"
                Write-Host "$wildvalue##${Stage}: $_ $Path######auto.stage=$stage"



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