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Monitor an internal only website using \'\'services\'\' type monitor


We have websites that we would like to perform detailed monitoring performance monitoring using the features that are available in the \'\'services\'\' tab.

It would be nice if we could install a \'\'services\'\' collector on an internal device and be given the option of being able to use our own internal service monitor instead of the LM public ones.

To help understand what I\'m after here is our example why I want to do this:

We run the IT for a lot of companies that do Freight and Logistics. A lot of them use Web based applications that run on portable devices (such as tablets or barcode scanners). Portable devices run over wireless or 3G. When there are issues the complaint is that \'\'everything is slow\'\', and often the complaint is that its the wireless or network that slow but we know in fact its the web app or DB or something. What I would like to do is setup a \'\'services collector\'\' on a wireless laptop, put it in the corner of the warehouse, and then I would run the web tests from there. This would give me as close to real user perspective as possible. I could also run the servers collector from a server next to the web app. Then I can compare the speed difference between the two. If its fast on the server but slow on the laptop I will know to look at wireless or network first.


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