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Custom HTTP Integrations and refresh/update oauth2 tokens



Has anyone been faced with trying to create a custom http integration towards a system that need to refresh oauth2 tokens to be able to connect. The same way you need to refresh the tokens for Logic Monitor when connecting.

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Hey @PeterMattsson,

I think we've had folks run into this before, it sounds familiar. Tokens can be used pretty extensively in a Custom HTTP Integration, so in theory, you could do something like:

  • Write a scripted DataSource (applied to a Collector or other 'dummy' resource) that goes through the OAuth2 token refresh flow with the external API (we can help find an example of an OAuth flow if needed)
  • Have this same scripted DataSource reach out to the LogicMonitor API and set the token as a property at the root of the account / wherever (auto.integration.api.key)
  • Use the custom property value as a token in the API authentication of your Custom HTTP Integration (##auto.integration.api.key##)

Takes a little bit of work - but should get the job done. Hope that helps.



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