Add an optional duration property to alerts

James Price

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Alerts are triggered when some datapoint meets a condition. If you want the alert triggered when some datapoint meets a condition for a specific period of time, you have to implement a hack whereby you create a new data point (clone) and set the trigger after N times property.

The problem with this solution (or in my opinion, work around for a solution) is that the polling interval changes the way the alert works. It also means I have to create copies of data sources which are, in essence, the same - so managing my hosts becomes more difficult as now I\'ll have different data sources getting the same data for different hosts. It\'s also not a breeze to set up. If I had to do this for more than a few data sources, I\'d find it discouraging.

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This is becoming more of a challenge for us as well. We have a large number of hosts and they dont all need the same level of monitoring. It would be really ideal if we could just set the Alert trigger interval (consecutive polls) at a host level if we wanted to, that would help us manage and mitigate noisy alerts more accurately to the situation without having to create new data sources to monitor for that same thing but for a different Alert trigger interval (consecutive polls) than the global threshold.rnMore people should vote for this, this is a cool idea! :)

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