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Kris Wolton

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I really like OpsNotes, however i cannot use them...
We have groups for each one of our customers, so a server failure OpsNote on 'customer x' would have no relation to anything in the 'customer y' group.
It would be great to choose which groups OpsNotes apply to, otherwise we just end up with clutter that has no relation what so ever to that customer.
Also it's confusing, someone might mistake 'customer x' OpsNotes for 'customer y' OpsNotes.

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  • LogicMonitor Staff

Just the feedback we're looking for. In the meantime, I recommend tagging your notes with the customer name (if you choose to use them). You can then enable / disable them based on tag. Certainly something we aspire to provide more automation around in the future.  Do you find value in adding OpsNotes for a contextual reference, even if they are often disabled on the graph view?

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