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Autobalanced Collector Group Threshold Calculator

Cole McDonald


I've been working with support to troubleshoot why our autobalanced groups ... don't.

We use "Large" collectors as defined in the Collector Config... apparently, that breaks the expected behavior of the UI for entering rebalancing thresholds.  I was provided the math used to calculate threshold against config to get the "effective threshold."  I don't want to do that math, so I'm making powershell do it for me... now you can to:

#Effective Threshold Calculation : (Target_Collector_Mem/Medium_Mem)^1/2 * Medium_Threshold

# Available Collector memory as defined in the Collector Config
$mem_collector = 4

# 2Gb, default for medium collector
$mem_medium    = 2

# calculates the total # of instances for all of the collectors in an autobalanced collector group
#!!! change to match your instance counts from your collectors in the target group
$tot_Instances = 6615+7023
#!!! change to match your instance counts from your collectors in the target group

# Do the math to calculate the threshold to enter to achieve the correct "effective threshold"
$threshold     = [int](( $tot_Instances/2 ) / ( [math]::pow(($mem_collector / $mem_medium),.5) ))

# output - I'm rounding the result up to the nearest *50 or *00 to allow for a bit of wiggle room
write-output $threshold

Use in good health... and as always, I (the developer) nor Beyond Impact 2.0, LLC (my employer) make any guarantees against this code.  Please use at your own risk.

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