APC Rack PDU environmental sensor

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One of our employees has created new template for measuring humidity and temp with Schneider APC Pdu's. The code is MK6JT3

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Previously I had created 2 separate datasources for temp and humidity, but I was able to modify yours and added a couple things:

- Description: datasource created to apply to certain models of APC Rack PDUs (AP84XX, AP86XX, AP88XX, AP89XX)

- Enabled Active Discovery and checks for sensor type temperatureOnly (1) or temperatureHumidity (2) real values from (rPDU2SensorTempHumidityStatusEntry) before adding instance to devices

Description OID can be added if the sensor name has been configured on the device, default is "SensorName" so I leave it out and let the instance take the name of the sensor (first and only is 1 in my environment)


APC suggests that the newer Rack PDUs (rPDU2) monitoring use the values for as described in the link and they do not recommend the old OIDs.

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