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Rest Filter Device Group not set property


We set a property on each customer folder to pass a code to our helpdesk software. If this property isn't set, a ticket can't be created.
So we put a default catch all property on the root folder. I am attempting to write a rest report so we can see which folders don't have the property set themselves.

 $queryParams = '?fields=customProperties,name,id&size=1000&sort=fullPath&filter=fullPath~Customers,customProperties.name:servicenow.companyid,customProperties.value:DefaultCODE';

My first attempt was match what folders have the default code applied to them. This didn't work, I am guessing because the property isn't truly applied to the folder as it is inherited. So how do I find folders that don't have the property directly applied to it?

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Yup, customProperties object only has directly assigned props. 

What you do what are the inheritedProperties for the /device/devices API endpoint--

 $queryParams = '?fields=inheritedProperties,name,id&size=1000&filter=inheritedProperties.name:servicenow.companyid,inheritedProperties.value:DefaultCODE';


P.S. Thanks for bringing this up. I've been trying to find where the "aws.accountid" is grouped under and lo' and behold it's an inheritedProperty!

Edited by Joe Tran
clarification that this only works for resources and not resource groups
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