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Cisco Port Level POE Statistics

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Organizations with POE deployments may have an interest in monitoring port level power statistics for their POE switches.

PowerOverEthernet_PortLevel has locator code 3D9TYM and should be available for import after it has been approved by our monitoring team

This DataSource is based on the CISCO-POWER-ETHERNET-EXT-MIB and includes the following datapoints:

Normal datapoints
PortAdditionalStatus    .
PortDeviceDetected    .
PortDiscoverMode    .
PortIeeePd    .
PortMaxPwrDrawn    .
PortPwrAllocated    .
PortPwrAvailable    .
PortPwrConsumption    .
PortPwrMax    .

Complex datapoints
MaxPercentPowerUsed    if(un(PortMaxPwrDrawn*100/PortPwrAvailable),0,(PortMaxPwrDrawn*100/PortPwrAvailable))    > 90
PercentPowerUsed        if(un(PortPwrConsumption*100/PortPwrAvailable),0,(PortPwrConsumption*100/PortPwrAvailable))     > 90
PowerThresholdExceeded    if(gt(PortPwrMax,0), (if(gt(PortMaxPwrDrawn*100/PortPwrAvailable,PortPwrMax),(PortMaxPwrDrawn*100/PortPwrAvailable),0)),0)    > 0 - This datapoint will alert if the power drawn by a device exceeds the power available to the port 



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