Huawei Access Controller / Wireless LAN Controller

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Quite new to creating DataSources, but these are a reasonable starting point for anyone with Huawei Access Controllers

WFFGFN - Access Controller

  • CPU Used Percent 
  • Memory Free Percent
  • Memory Used Percent
  • Memory Free in Megabytes
  • Memory Used in Megabytes

HPAF9X - Access Points

  • Status codes – Instance Graph
  • AP alert - (If Status code = 8(normal) or 11(standby), return 1, is anything else return 0) – Instance Graph- Alert on 0
  • Client count per AP – Instance Graph
  • Client count Top AP – Overview Graph
  • Client count aggregate for whole controller – Overview Graph
  • Discovered Property - Mac address
  • Discovered Property - Serial Number
  • Discovered Property - Model Number

G627K2 – Access Point Radios

  • Working channel – Instance Graph
  • Client count per radio – Instance Graph
  • Channel utilisation – Instance Graph
  • Radio status – Instance Graph- Alert on 2(Down)
  • Radio throughput in Mbps – Instance Graph
  • Top Radio Throughput – Overview Graph
  • Radio Work Mode
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